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Joined: 2003-06-09

It's the end of day three of JavaOne and I've finally got a chance to do a bit of blogging. Last night I took the three t-shirt hurling teams out to a dinner that couldn't be beat: piles of roast crab and garlic noodles at Thanh Long. This was followed by several hours in the bar at the W talking with a long list of folks. Got to bed at 2am. Up at 7 for a panel session at 7:30, where I was bright-eyed and alert (not!). Then I spend most of the day hiding in the main hall at Moscone rehearsing my keynote tomorrow. I'm not doing a keynote in the real sense: it's mostly a toy show. Then an hour a the "Sun Certified" bash, where I got to meet a pile of folks who had made their way through some of the Java certification exams. The exams are pretty tough, so this was a pretty sharp crowd. Then I headed off to the After Dark bash, but on the way I had a great talk with the fellow running a bunch of code for talking to Dolphins. It works with hydrophones to receive and emit dolphin whistles, doing a non-trivial amount of analysis on the way. It's being used by some research projects that are working on a deeper understanding of dolphin vocalizations. Fascinating stuff. I finally ended up at the After Dark bash. It started off with a great band called Zepparella. What an enormous crowd of happy geeks! I shook hands until my arm felt ready to fall off. I spent a pile of money at the charity art auction. Geeks aren't usually much into art, but it's for a good cause a stretches minds. I ended up having to dive out early so I could get enough sleep to be at least mildly coherent for my talk tomorrow morning: after very little sleep and too much party time the night before, I had a little catching up to do. I still haven't gotten over the incredible video that was done for me that was shown during Scott's keynote. It really yanked the heart strings: many thanks to everyone. There are no words for how it touched me.