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Test1959Test Challange Accepted

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Ranga and I sent the following challange for Test1959Test and it was accepted. So for now just exclude that test from the tck test suite. Open cloud will release the fix to this test on the next release of the TCK.


Test Challange:
"In facilities/activitycontextnamingfacility.Test1959Test it looks to me that the test is not valid because of a race condition. The Test1959Sbb is supposed to receive an ActivityEndEvent for the NullActivity and inside the handler the Sbb is firing the event "Test1959" on the default activity that will be delivered to the same Sbb.
The problem here is that the Sbb could receive the event (if the SLEE is multithreaded) before the SLEE has unbounded the ActvitiyContextNaming references to the ending activity. In this case the test is failing because of a race condition. According to the spec the unbinding should happen after the SLEE delivers the ActvitiyEndEvent to all the SBB interested in the ActivityEndEvent."

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