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Meeting minutes, Celebrating the Certification, Call on June 18, 2005

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Ranga (NIST), Fran(Univ of Genoa), Buddy(Lucent), Paul(Motorolla), Ivelin(JBoss), Marco(Portugal Telecom), Swee Lim(Sun, SLEE 1.0 lead, 1.1 co-lead), Ralf (Vodafone)

Meeting notes:

- intros
- The usual suspects and
- Paul: consulting with Motorolla, Pennsylvania

- Cheers and virtual toast for the JAIN SLEE 1.0 Certification!!!
- First major milestone.
- We proved that the team works despite limited resources and geographical distribution
- We have the right mix of skills and commitment - telco, j2ee, government, vendors
- Several companies are planning to roll out products on top of Mobicents 1.x next quarter

- Swee offered his vision on the voip market and Sun's positioning
- hinted that Mobicents might see concrete support from Sun.
- Things at Sun regarding open source are different than a year ago.
- Sun is working out a new strategy around JAIN
- Will partner in the voip space to bring complete solutions to telcos. Focusing on hardware and OS
- Sun will open source all software in the future
- Will sell total solutions, not just shrink-wrapped software. Customers want ongoing support, not just buy and forget. Shift in business mindset. More competitive to current market reality.

- Future roadmap, priorities and areas for contribution:

- Ranga
- Multi-threading, fail over
- Called for more white papers - e.g. JMS vs. SLEE: What's the diff? A public wiki page is needed

- Francesco
- Standardized RAs. Will work on Stateless SIP RA.
- Multi-threading improvement
- JAAS integration

- Marco
- Nuno was going to join and present the PT roadmap for Mobicents. Marco cannot speak for PT.
- Pedro is coming onboard to help with the eclipslee sub-project

- Ralf
- will help with Eclipslee

- Swee
- Cannot help directly as publishing SLEE 1.1 is his top priority.
- Mobicents should certify for SLEE 1.1 when it's ready

- Ivelin
- Will work on test framework based on JUnit with deterministic behavior; not time dependent.
- Focus on growing the Mobicents ecosystem. Reaching out to other Communications and Games projects to build new RAs and Services

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