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Splashscreen not generated using SplashScreen-Image in Jar

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Joined: 2004-08-12

I was unable to bring up a splashscreen by using
SplashScreen-Image: steve.jpg
in the manifest of the jar

The splashscreen loaded fine however if I ran the jar using the java command line and used the -splash:steve.jpg parameter

and, yeah, I ran into the same problem as one of the earlier posts of the splashscreen not closing itself.

I'm using the Windows binary of b40.

Just wanted to drop this bug along in case it hasn't been spotted and say, "Man, you guys rock for all the desktop improvements being added to Mustang!"


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Joined: 2003-09-16

I'm having the same problem. Splashscreen-Image manifest header is ok (when i change it to nonexisting filename I get invalid/corrupt jarfile message when launching) yet no splash appears...