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Installation of JWSDP 1.5 with JDK 1.6

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Joined: 2004-05-16

As any of you who have seen this bug ( ) know, it is not a good idea to have multiple JDKs installed. As such, when I installed 1.6, I uninstalled the others.

I tried to do a fresh install of JWSDP 1.5 today, and it wouldn't recognize the JVM, even if I passed the -is:javahome flag. I submitted a bug about it. However, due to this comment, I doubt it will help any of you any time soon:

Your report has been assigned an internal review ID of: 469012. This review ID is NOT visible on on Sun Developer Network (SDN).

So, I thought I would provide some info to those trying to do the installs to see how I got it running. Warning, I *know* this approach isn't supported, but... needed it installed.

So, first thing, tried to do a basic install. That failed to find any JVM, even if I browsed to it or passed -is:javahome.

Then, I looked in %TEMP% and found a newly created directory that contained only the file 'jwsdp-1.5.jar'. In my case, that was:
C:\Documents and Settings\mdeaelfX\Local Settings\Temp\LRED11.tmp\jwsdp-1.5.jar

Unzip that to some temporary directory. Decompile com\sun\jwsdp\installer\CheckJVM with FrontEnd Plus.

Edit the file, and replace these two lines:

if(!version.equals("1.4") && !version.equals("1.5"))<br />

with these two lines:

if(Double.parseDouble(version) < 1.4)<br />
  System.exit (0);

recompile it:
javac -target 1.4 -source 1.4 -classpath . com\sun\jwsdp\installer\

then run it:
java -cp . run

Everything should work fine now.

To anyone from Sun who may be reading this: I figured out how to fix it after submitting the bug, so was not able to add the workaround to the bug itself (since it is an internal id only).