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can' t find peergroup if online

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Joined: 2003-06-11

Hi all!

I want to have two peers joined in one peergroup on one PC. The problem is that if I am online (simple call by call modem) the peers are not able to discover each other. The problem does not accure while the peers are on different PCs in one network.

is this normal behavior or do i make something wrong?

thanks in advance,


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Joined: 2003-06-10

Diffucult to say. The key question is your configuration. Do you run this after to see if you areconnected to the RDV?

Joined: 2003-06-11


Thank you for the answer, but i followed your advice without success

to make it easier:
-serverpeer (should be online via modem; is RDV)
-clientpeer(s) (should be in one peergroup with the server)

1. if the serverpeer is offline the client discovers the RDV after 50s (+-10s) and the peergroup ADV immediately after it.

2. if the serverpeer is online the client never discovers a RDV but the group ADV without problems.

3. if I put both peers on one PC which is online, no of them discover any ADV or RDV of the local PC!

the config is the default one. The serverpeer is forced to be a RDV and both peers have "incoming connections" enabled and no predefined RDV. All firewalls are disabled.

it would be great if #3 would work because it would make many things easier for me (on one PC).