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Memory manager on Win32

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First, read this:;en-us;293215

As far as I can see, there's a chance beyond the "grey rect problem" fix to further enhance performance of Java client app. This effect is really annoying and it's a critical one for Swing client apps as they appear sluggish although they aren't. I keep telling my customers of this effect for years now (not to bother *me* with it, but M$, or switch to Linux), but few days ago I stumbled over the links above...
So infact there's a solution for this. What about adding a simplified API to adjust the memory manager setting, or, even better, embedding this into the java heap manager to intelligently adjust these according to the current load of the JVM?

Comments welcome :-)


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The bug you are refering to is:

My suggested workaround is posted here:

In all honesty, Sun is right, there is no clear-cut solution for this problem. It *does* look rather bad for Java except that if people were to look very hard they'd notice even Notepad exibits this problem... but go and explain that to end-users, they don't want to hear anything of it.