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JAXB Workshop release

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JAXB Workshop [1] is pleased to announce its first release. The project consists of a set of tools that facilitate work with JAXB 2.0 [2]. The tools include GUI wizard [3] for XJC generator, XSD scrambler [4] for removing sensitive infromation from XSD files, XML colorer [5] for XML GUI applications and explorer [6] for XJC generator.


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Joined: 2004-11-17

Release 1.1 of JAXB Workshop is ready. It contains the following features and improvements:

1. Ability to choose an existing XJC run and rerun it manually or automatically. In manual mode the wizard screens will be filled based on values supplied in the original run; these values can be changed. In automatic mode the wizard screens are filled based on the original run; XJC will be launched automatically.
2. Editing of XSD files.
3. New and improved LAF.
4. New options in menus.
5. Fixed bug in painting SJSXP markers in XML colorer demo.

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I updated the link from the jaxb project.