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New critical article on JAXRPC/WSDL etc.

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Koshuke wrote (while the forum was done this morning) in an e-mail to me:

... I agree with some of their criticism --- like the complexity in O/X mapping --- but I'm disappointed that their solution to the problem is:

If a WSDL/XSD description of an Alpine-hosted service is
required, the user will be required to write it

So, their approach is "this is a hard problem, so let's stop solving it".

I agree with Kohsuke, forcing developers to deal with the sheer complexity of schemas and wsdl will kill this project. The authors seem to know that, so at the end, they prepare the reader for another radical idea: "let's invent a new language (Cw or whatever MS is cooking there), where SQL and XMl stuff (tables, result sets, nodes) are first class citizens like ints and longs". Sounds too Groovy :-)


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Joined: 2004-11-12

This paper is more evidence that web service standards continue to prove to be what it is not: simple and interoperable. The SOAP standard started life with Don Box's incredibly naïve specification which evolved in the W3C and ultimately required an industry third party (WSI) to step in and try to make sense of the mess. The reality is marketing has pushed us into a XML everything world where "we" the technical citizenry are sentenced to make it work. We must implement robust systems with this technology, in a world where historically things like latency, payload size and marshalling overhead were critical factors in system performance and scalability. Maybe we should dump all the XML luggage and start using ASN via REST……or dare I say CORBA. :-)