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SBML and JAXB - error with MathML?

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Hi. I am trying to use JAXB version 1.0.4 to generate Java classes for the SBML schema (

After hitting many problems and having to create some external bindings, I am hitting 1 final problem that I can not resolve and *appears* to be related to MathML. The JAXB parser (xjc) throws the following message when I try to process the SBML schema listed above:

[ERROR] A property with the same name "MiOrMoOrMn" is generated from more than one schema component. use a property customization to resolve this name collision.
line 132 of scripts.xsd

[ERROR] (Relevant to above error) another one is generated from this schema component.
line 138 of scripts.xsd

I assumed the scripts.xsd was referring to the the MathML scripts.xsd file, but I can't find any elements with the name "MiOrMoOrMn" in any of the MathML classes, but it's obviously related to MathML. PLEASE tell me what this is referring to or what I need to do. Help!


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working on this. stay tuned.

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