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Java2D on JOGL

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Is anyone aware of any attempts at
(partially) implementing Java2D on
top of JOGL? The benefits of this is
the ability to use high-level Java2D
*and* low-level JOGL on the *same*
component, namely GLCanvas. This
will be incredibly and immediately
useful for real-time graphics
applications for Java.

I've queried many times on the integration
of Swing/Java2D's OpenGL pipeline
with what the JOGL team (JSR-231) is
doing. Over the past few months the
conclusion I gather is that this is
quite unlikely to happen, even for
Mustang. I can understand the technical
challenges involved, esp when a general
solution is asked for, so perhaps a
partial but specialised solution
is the way to go. If anyone knows of
any, please let me know!



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Hi Rex,

We're continuing to discuss approaches with the JOGL team to improve the interoperability story between Java2D and JOGL. There's a vague RFE here that you can watch as we make progress in this area:

There are a whole host of technical issues to work through before the story will improve; i.e. it's not as simple as just "implementing Java2D on top of JOGL". There are changes/additions to the JAWT spec required, as well as a number of tricky changes to both the Java2D and JOGL implementations. I think everyone agrees that it would be nice if there was an easy way to use both APIs in the same GLCanvas (or even better a Swing-based GLJPanel). The reality however is that there are not thousands (or even hundreds) of developers out there clamoring for this capability. There are a number of other projects of higher priority that will affect far more users that we need to work on first. That said, we have allotted some time in the Dolphin (JDK 7.0) timeframe to explore the JOGL/Java2D interop story further.

And remember, if you have specific ideas you'd like to play around with, the source code for both Mustang and JOGL are available on


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Here is one :

I don't know about the current status.