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Shipping Mustang as private JRE?

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I know currently the JRE license does not allow us to ship the Mustang JRE to end-users. It is only meant for internal testing.

Are there any conditions under which we *can* ship it to end-users? I mean, if as a company I am ready to bite the bullet and ship a private JRE with my application and that private JRE is Mustang, it shouldn't really affect the end-user's impression of the quality of Java. In fact, most of the users don't even notice that it's Java running under the hood. Is this acceptable to Sun or maybe there are other ways to do this that might be acceptable to Sun?

The reason I am asking is because in a few builds (say a month) Mustang will have enough cool stuff in Java Webstart that I want to distribute it with my application for end-users. I really don't want to have to wait another year or so for Mustang to go public. Just my 2 cents.

I welcome your feedback,

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This isn't strictly a Mustang question, but I couldn't find a better forum. I'm working with XML encoding in the java.beans package. In order to both accomplish and debug the XML (de)serialization, I need to extend many of the classes. This is hard, because while they were somewhat designed for extension, no care was taken to ensure that they could be reasonably extended by classes in another package.

So, my questions in a nutshell are:
1) Can I copy the java.beans package to a new package, make some changes, and include the new package in my application/library?
2) Does the base Java version (1.4, 1.5, 1.6) make any difference in the answer?

The following blog entry seems to indicate that this practice is allowed. Is it? (Do a find on "3092".)


Porting small library from Java 5.0 to Java 1.4 - could it be any harder?

PS 1 -- I don't consider the post above as coming from Sun. Writing a blog on doesn't imply any sort of connection with Sun, etc... Still, he seems like a knowledgable developer.

PS 2 -- Some of the classes in the latest Mustang snapshot of java.beans are older than their counterparts in Tiger, which seems a bit odd.

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That's a shame that we won't be able to ship JREs until final. I'd love to be able to base our next app on Swing, but without subpixel rendering I'll have to use SWT.

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i understand the point of viev from Sun because if you are now going to ship a non-final JRE with your app you do not hava a gurantee that things implemented in the current JRE will stay there untill the final version of Mustang has been announced to the public.

Also you cannot give your customers any guarantee of a stable and fully Sun-compliable code when you ship an alpha or beta version of Mustang.

I too appreciate very much this new open-to-the-public approach of Sun and i love researching and testing the Tiger/Mustang releases.

It would be great if this approach will be continued with future versions of the JDK.


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Hi Gili,

I'm glad to see you're excited about Mustang!

There really are no conditions that would allow you to ship the Mustang JRE at this time. Until it is finished, the JRE will only be available for evaluation.

I'm sure you won't be the only one to make this request, but Sun's intentions for providing the Mustang snapshots are to give developers like yourself a clear view into what we're doing and make it possible for you to work with us to fix things that are broken (and/or tell us where we're going wrong).

Testing your product with the builds is a great way not only to uncover bugs, but to identify that the new features meet your needs and expectations. Thanks and keep it up! If you find a problem, have a concern, or want to make a suggestion, let us know on these forums -- or better, fix it yourself and contribute the fix in the jdk-collaboration project at .


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I understand, thank you.

PS: I really appreciate the openness coming out of Sun over the past couple of months. It is a breath of fresh air and I hope others appreciate it as much as I do. Keep up the good work!