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What's SUN doing??

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Hi there!

I am really concerned about SUN's future. If SUN goes down, Java will too, since SUN isn't willed at all to give any control or responsibility away. They claim to be open, in fact the their licenses are more than just strict.

The management buyout trick to push stock prices shows in my eyes how dangerous it is to rely on the SUN java platform. Companies doing such nonsence should not be taken serious any more!
Nobody knows what SUN will do if they go down, what they would try to rescue themself. I've seen many companies going postal like SCO...

* SUN's net win is steadily decreasing (their losses are increasing)
* SUN always tries to minimize its staff further and further (I don't know how often SUN shrinked the Java-Team)
* SUN is not willed to give any rights of their code away. Instead the try to FUD open implementations and SUN employees claim in public that those implementations are useless, ugly, will destroy java compatibility and so on.
* SUN could be easily bought my companies like Microsoft. Do you think they want to continue Java ;-) Microsoft could even buy SUN just to destroy java.
* SUN needs ages to fix bug-reports, there are bugs laying arround for YEARS! How many shrinks of bug-fixing engineers does java survive?
* So many technologies in the past dies because they were bound to a single company!

Java is a great technology, it makes me sad to see such a great technology die, just because a dieing company does not want to give control away.

Just interrested in hearing your opinion...

lg Clemens