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Feedback3: Samples Docs index.html jaxrpc-2.0ea\samples\docs\index.html

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In Prerequisites section...
--When you tell me which separate bundle to download, use the specific name as on the page "Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.1 2005Q1 UR1" instead of " Make sure that you download SJSAS PE 8.1 separate bundle only..." since this will make it easier to identify exactly which bundle to download.

--move the instruction to need to configure app server intsallation to use J2SE 5.0 to be after the instruction of which separate bundle to download. This follows order of users actions.

In section 3.0 Invoking the sample section...
--explain how to undeploy, clean etc or put a link to the tools doc listing all the ant targets provided.

--You didnt tell me in this document that I need to set my JAXRPC_HOME environemnt variable. It was mentioned in the other doc installation instructions. All these setup/installation need to be in one doc which is referred to, or copied and pasted in full in each place. Otherwise, the steps have dependencies among the docs, and I need to "remember" to set this property which was mention in another doc.

--after the list of 2 tasks to asant server, client, and then run there is a blurb "It is essential for the service endpoint to be deployed on Application Server before clients can be built because clients use the WSDL exposed from the service endpoint deployed in the Application Server. So please make sure that your Application Server is either running before the server target is invoked or run it after the server target is
invoked." ..but this would have beed useful information to read BEFORE a user does asant client or run. I would recommend listing these in a numbered list, with this instruction being presented before saying how to build or run the client. Makes for a more user firendly experience out of the box.


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Thanks very much for your feedback. We will work to incorporate your suggestions in our next EA release.

Any other suggestions are appreciated.