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Developers Want A GOOD HELP Always

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Joined: 2005-03-21

dear Developers Want a good Help Like MSDN for VB.NET
Microsoft provides MSDN i think MSDN is a better Help then a Java Help
which is Java API Doc

So Some one have to work on java API help

Microsoft also provide a Peace of code on every topic on every keyword

So if java will also provide that kind of help then java will become a Marvelous Language .
Because every Developer Can make any kind of Project With the help of that Java API Help
SO pl think what developer's want

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Joined: 2004-01-07

Well, as beeing a have-been windows developer I have seen to what this leads.

I've seen so many code which was just created using not understood msdn-samples re-written by really weak programmers.

With the apidocs you should know what you're doing ;-)

lg Clemens

Btw. No one takes "if you do that you'll be sucessful" really seious ;-)