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Joined: 2003-06-10


Since this is your first time here, please introduce yourself. Let us know why you are here, what you do, and why you are interested in JXTA. The best way for the community to help you is to know who you are and what your goals are.

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Joined: 2009-08-20

Hi my name is Sunil. I am new JXTA.
My previous projects are which is fully ajax website which I built using php, javascript and mysql. I love to try out different things. I want to build something different using JXTA thats why I learning it, also it will help me finding job.

I am preparing for firefox competition that is held next month. I am planning to use jxta in the firefox plugin.
I am sure I will have a great time learning it...

Joined: 2008-10-22

I'm Alessandro, i'm searching for some protocol developed in java that could help me with my thesis. My goal is to query a set of wireless gateway, that have some integer or string information characterized by an ID, i need so a protocol that can manage this distributed searching for my application.
I'd like to know if jxta is the right object for doing this, and what component i have to download.



Joined: 2008-01-24

I´m just a normal guy from germany using jxta to program an easy
to use application (sending text, sharing data files, amd also
video life stream.

Even though I made the java programmer exam, I´m still 100% autodidact

Today first time was able to use my application in the internet and not only
in a local network.
I used a wireless lan from some unknown person and my own normal lan network.
But I have the feeling that the provided links fron the jxta network, I mean the
realy and rendezvous peer links are somehow administrated and sometimes
I found the peer adminstrator in the MyJxta Group and was able to find one of my created Pipe ADVs but this was not to reproduce again a hour later.

Anyway I know I do need my own server set up for it but I would like to know
if that realy and rendezvous peers from the jxta project are administrated, and
are my peers, or groups excluded.
I did check this with Jxta-NetMapView where I wasn´t able to find my peers lately too.

Some hints from the core jxta professionals would be nice.

greetings ...

Joined: 2008-10-06

Hi, this is BL Loo from Singapore and would like to find out more about JXTA programming. In fact, I am doing a project for my university, using JXTA and I find a lot of challenges in programming JXTA. I hope this forum can help me in my programming as I am very new to JXTA.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Joined: 2005-08-28

I am very new to jxta.. hoping to layout a simple
distributed cache(for prefetch facility) for nodes in a peer group ... this If successfull will probably lead to whole host of distributed pgming solutions .. but need to get this off the base level..

Joined: 2005-09-21


I have started a P2P based distributed computing platform project at . It is a totally decentralized P2P computing platform software. It's meant to be an extremely light-weight and easy to set up P2P system.

I noticed that it's quite a challenge to set up and run Jini/Jxta/JavaSpace. So the GreenTea project helps filling that gap. It has very simple and intuitive APIs to develop distributed applications. It is very easy to set up GreenTea and connect a number of your spare computers to create a virtual supercomputer if you will. The software is freely downloadable at .

I'm hoping people can find value in the GreenTea project and use it in real life applications. I'm also looking for the like-minded people in P2P and Artificial Intelligence(AI) area who can join me in creating software that will change the world. If interested, please email me at .


Joined: 2005-01-26

Hi There,

I've been interested in JXTA since Bill Joy announced it. Been following it to see where it's heading. Haven't used it in any projects.

Would like to see how it would fit into a (load) testing framework for within intranets for testing web applications on LIVE CDs(say, Knoppix/OpenSolaris) using Java/JXTA using a Remote Master and Slave Nodes.


Joined: 2003-06-10

Been there and have done that :o)

There are a few ways of doing it, but propagation pipes are the way to go.

Joined: 2005-05-02


I am Deep Majumder. I am working in the area of using JXME
for CDC devices. I am new here and I am relatively new to the field. I am hoping to participate in the education committee.


Joined: 2003-06-10

The jxta education committee is in the process of gathering in the new "jxtaedu" mailing list which is in the "guide" project ( ). If you are interested in joining the group, feel free to subscribe to this list :-)



Joined: 2005-04-22

I'm Bruno Margerin.
I am currently working on the development of SAXTA, a P2P Satellite data distribution system. See it as a metadata rich, secure file sharing system. Of course, JXTA is the core of SAXTA.

Beside the Email, sent by Raymond, I don't know what the committees structure, expectations, agenda and goals exactly are.

I see myself as a relatively objective, typical average JXTA user, and think I could contribute by pointing out some section of the JXTA JAVA Platform implementation I (and hopefully the JXTA community) find being strong or confusing.

I would also like to be participating into writing helps and tutorial on the JXTA components that I know enough of. Specifically I think I could contribute to a tutorial on PSE based Peergroup Membership replacing the one on the Password based Secure Peer Group example in the current JXTA programmer's guide.

I see, the usability and education committees being in synergy. They are two complementary approaches aimed at easing and increasing the use of JXTA.

Please check out: for further info on the SAXTA project.


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Joined: 2003-06-20

Hi Bruno !

Thanks for your suggestions and for offering to help. I think you will have some good contributions for either/both the education and usability subcommittees.

The each committee will decide upon detail like format, specific goals and objectives in the first meeting. We felt it was important not to lock things in too tightly until the group meets. Your contributions are very very important to group, so your ideas and schedule will be taken into account when finalizing format, etc.

I hope this helps!


Joined: 2003-06-10

Since I started this thread, I guess I should add my info. I am Daniel Brookshier A.K.A. turbogeek. I have been working with JXTA for several years, wrote a book plus blogs/articles on JXTA. I am also a member of the board for

To sum it all up, I do a lot of JXTA programming and I am a JXTA evangelist. Right now my focus is on making JXTA easier to use by developers.

I've also worked with several companies to add JXTA. Texas Instruments, Verizon, 312Inc, to name a few. JXTA is indeed starting to become a hot topic on the golf course, so you will see it more often in the future. My goal is to grow the industry of JXTA which means growing the JXTA communuty.

This is a community and you are a member of the JXTA community. Participate, learn, and help. That's what a community is all about.

Joined: 2005-02-09


I'm Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi, I'm a member of the Usability Committee. I'm working with Daniel to create some packages that will make it easier for everyone to use JXTA effectively. I'm also interested in learning and helping others learn.

I can be reached at sayed.hashimi[AT]gmail[dot]com


Joined: 2003-06-20

Greetings JXTA Community!

I am Helen Chen, your JXTA Community Manager. I am also the Site Manager. My role as JXTA Community Manager is to support the JXTA Community. In that role, I manage content including project approvals, I work with the JXTA Board and JXTA Marketing, and respond to questions from you, our JXTA Community.

Thank you for your support of our community.


Joined: 2003-06-11


I am Ray Gao. I am one of the three JXTA board members and the founder and publisher of P2P Journal ( I head up the Education committee. Other JXTA committees are Infrastructure and Usability.

You can reach me at raygao at_sign comcast dot net. (replace words with symbols).