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Accounting system framework available?

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Joined: 2005-04-11

I am scoping a project to be developed in Java that needs a basic accounting sub-system ... AR, AP, GL ... the basics only but for a large volume of transactions.
Does anyone know of a customizable Accounting framework built in Java that implements the accounting business rules and provides an API for building the user interface?
Any advice will be highly appreciated.

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Joined: 2012-01-10

If anyone is looking for the same, JLedger 1.1 ( ) could be a good solution. :-)

Joined: 2003-06-06

I’ve spent time looking for account frameworks and I’ve never found an open source product worth anything. Most of the big players like Intuit, provide API into their systems. The big problem is determining the level of accounting capabilities.

I’ve personally built accounting capability on top of Intuit. You may want to spend some time looking at other vendors.

Joined: 2004-10-01

It isn't really a framework, but compiere ( might be somewhat usable as framework. It is a BSD-licenced ERP application, currently using Oracle as databackend, but i believe the journal posting for GL etc. all resides in java. I havent had chance to look at the code, so i'm not sure whether it is usable....