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How to Build Mustang on XP with .NET ?

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i am using Windows XP Professional and MS .NET Studio 2003.

I have read in the Mustang WindowsBuild html that Mustang is primarily developed on Windows 2000 and requires Visual C++.

Is there any help/tutorial site how to build Mustang on Windows XP Pro with .NET 2003?

Thanks in advance.

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> I have read in the Mustang WindowsBuild html that
> Mustang is primarily developed on Windows 2000 and
> requires Visual C++.

Although we support building on Windows 2000, it
is possible to build on XP with VS 6.0 SP3. But as
to the question of VS.NET 2003, I am checking up
with the answer to that one. I beleive we are
currently considering this or have considered this,
but I am not sure of the status. I will ask Kelly
or Vijay to respond.


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We are actively working on making it build with either VS 6.0 SP3 or the newer VS.NET 2003, once we have that working we will be transitioning to VS.NET 2003 as our default on Windows X86.

Expect to start seeing these changes in the next month or so.

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It has been more than one month now...
is there any news about this?


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Sorry for the slow update. Starting with Build 33 (I think Build 35 is available now) the source snapshot should build with Visual Studio .NET 2003 (VC++7.1), with a few minor exceptions. The plugins (deploy tree) aren't building due to some C++ related issues and the Mozilla Headers needing updating.

So you can build hotspot and the entire j2se source tree now but not the deploy tree.

We are expecting the plugin problems to be resolved shortly.

Official cutover to the Visual Studio .NET 2003 (VC++7.1) compilers will probably happen sometime in June. It's a bit hard to predict because we need to get all the worldwide developer sites that integrate into our master sources to get setup with the new compiler before we make it official. It's a bit like changing a tire on a moving car. ;^)

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After build b36, anyone should be able to build with either VC6.0 or VC.NET 2003. Build b36 is scheduled to go out sometime this week. As Kelly pointed out, the official switch over to the VC.NET 2003 will be sometime in early June.