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Limitation of JDBC rowsets

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Joined: 2004-09-14

I'm starting to use JDBC rowsets, but have found something quite limiting: you must supply either a JDBC URL or a JNDI name to the various rowset implementations. With some drivers, the DriverManager/URL approach is impractical (for example, with some embedded Java databases, where the JDBC URL is used to locate, start, and connect to the embedded database, and multiple connections with the URL will attempt to start multiple instances of the database...) as is the JNDI name system (for example, due to special JNDI context initialisation issues and classloader problems... I'm thinking of certain J2EE containers...).

A very simple solution (it would appear) would be to allow at least some of the standard implementations (probably NOT WebRowSet) to accept a DataSource object, instead of a name. That would avoid all of the above problems.