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Problem invoking SOAP Document with literal encoding webservice in Weblogic

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I have a webservice with Document type and with literal encoding which is deployed in weblogic. This webservice has got two methods both with no argument. If I try to invoke using weblogic interface for testing the webservice, only one method is able to invoke.The other method gives invokation error.The Soap request which is going is to this webservice is with empty body.

the request looks like this

If I am changing one method signatuer in such a way that it has one argument then both methods are able to invoke.

While I am using SAAJ api If I am trying to give the method name in the SOAP request it gives error.

Can anybody help on this.


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This forum is for feedback and discussion on the JAXB 2.0 and JAX-RPC 2.0 specifications.

If your question is strictly a WebLogic question, you should post it at a WebLogic support forum. If you are trying to use JWSDP to invoke a service (that happens to be deployed on a WebLogic container) you can try posting your question to the USERS mailing list of the JWSDP project (

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