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Java Reporting Engines - HELP!

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Hi all,
I work as a software engineer, our main application is a java-based business management application and we strongly need to find a better reporting engine. The 3rd party product we currently use has poor control over picture embedding into reports, an awful report composing tool which is so bad that we were forced to write a MS-Access report translator in order at least to be able to compose the report's layout in access and export it to our reporting engine.
yes, maybe you're thinking about Crystal Report, but that's the easy answer: we obviously need to keep it cheap!
If you have any suggestion about other Java cheap (if not free!) reporting engines, it will be precious for us!
Thank you all in advance.

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Docmosis is a new Java reporting engine. It can produce rich documents in a variety of formats and from a variety of data sources. Embed text, tables and images with arbitrary levels of nesting. It uses Word or OpenOffice documents as templates for styling and layout and java to render the documents. It's fast and scalable and it has a free version too.

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You can try Exelica Spreadsheet Reporting. The report designer reminds me Excel (I guess they duplicated the interface to a large extent). We used it to generate reports that we printed and exported to Excel. Unlike other solutions out there that we tried this one supports images in Excel (which was important to us at the time).
You can find it here

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The JPDF is a Java printing/reporting framework that is fairly inexpensive. It does not have a report builder as does the one you are using. Rather, to define a report you write Java code which calls the JPDF API. This gives you a great deal of control over layout.

The URL is

Good luck.

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Try BIRT. The Open Source version is free. There is also a supported version called Actuate BIRT. You can get this from the Eclipse website or the Actuate website:

Hope that helps!