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Offline JRE installer

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If the JRE is installed online, it is said to be 7MB but if it is installed offline it is 15MB. Where does this mismatch come from and how can I generate a 7MB offline installer if I happen to know the exact configuration, locale if the target computer?

Can Sun make their InstallShield scripts available to the public?


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The online installers are 7MB if the user only installs the minimum download with the least amount of jre features. If the user picks all of the jre features in the online installer, the download can be up to ~11MB. The jre installer has install-on-demand technology, and only the features selected for install will be downloaded. The online installer will also download the Windows Installer 2.0 binary if it is needed.

The reason the offline installer is 15MB is because it includes all of the jre features, as well as the Windows Installer 2.0 binaries for both win9X and winNT in case the OS does not have it installed. If you know that the target machine has Windows Installer 2.0 installed, you can just extract out the jre.msi file. It will be about ~3MB less than the full .exe. Instructions for this are at: