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JAXB 2.0 vs JAXB 1.0

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Under the BindMark project ( roadmap, JAXB 2.0 has been added to the list of binding frameworks. Although the evaluations are being done on a single XSD and on relatively small XML (this will be amended in the future), a number of interesting observations were made:

1. The total size of runtime JARs has been reduced from 2.4MB to 624KB
2. The time performance has improved by 16% in marshalling and 14% in unmarshalling
3. The memory performance after the first run has improved by 11%.
4. The startup memory performance has deteriorated by a factor of 4-6 (different numbers in marshalling and unmarshalling). This is solely due to huge allocation of 5.5MB (82440 objects) in the constructor of JAXBContext.


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You are welcome to use schemas and sample files from project.

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Thanks. We've been making more improvements since this WS-I Sample App technology preview release, so I'm looking forward to seeing the result with newer builds (when we make them available, of course!)

I'll investigate the memory footprint issue. Although I do expect some increase in the memory foot print, now that we do more at the runtime, 5.5MB seems to be too much.