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scanning strings as iterables

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There are many solutions; I don't know, I don't find them beautiful; seems like mine is better:

public Iterable chars(CharSequence source);

so that you can write

for (char c : chars("This is a string")) {
// do something

So, below is the method... I've just included it to Iterators class at

<br />
  public static Iterable chars(final CharSequence sequence) {<br />
  return new Iterable() {<br />
      public Iterator iterator() {<br />
        return new Iterator() {<br />
          int index = 0;<br />
          public boolean hasNext() {<br />
            return index < sequence.length();<br />
          }<br />
          public void remove() {<br />
            throw new UnsupportedOperationException();<br />
          }<br />
          public Character next() {<br />
            return sequence.charAt(index++);<br />
          }<br />
        };<br />
      }<br />
    };<br />