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JSP functionality

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I have some code in JSP and in XML. I have defined XML node as follows

This is the Ok button node which is attached to the Bottom Button Bar in an another node. This button bar contains Cancel button also.

I have written a jsp page where this bottom buttom bar is placed in the page as a one of the Widget.

What my doubt is how to write a code on JSP page, when i press a Enter key on Key board it should activate Ok button. This page contains Ok, Cancel button and some text fields also.

Please let me know


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make it focused

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Let's see:
You post this in a place so completely and utterly off topic to the subject of your question I have to wonder if you have any understanding of what you're doing at all.

You also have a poor understanding of the word "doubt" as you use it incorrectly (in fact you are using a completely incorrect word).

I'd start by learning English, then learning to find the correct place to post questions, then start learning first HTML and then JSP, and then maybe post some questions and do it in the correct place.