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Joined: 2003-08-12

Sun may have very good engineers, but they are only so many and can only dedicate a finite number of resources to solve a problem or implement some functionality. The really big changes go through the JCP and get evaluated by many, and commented by some. That is good.

However, many things are in the details, or the small changes. Those small changes get little 'air time' outside of Sun.

I suggest to create a new master forum that the individual developers at Sun can use to communicate implementation ideas for the 'small' stuff. For instance, the developer responsible for creating a new layout manager, say DockingLayout, can quickly an briefly post his idea about how to implement it and what features he intend to include. Then that can commented and if need arises the community can help to polish the idea. Or just give a pat on the back and say: 'hey, that's a good thought'. You know what I mean. He can even do it before he have started to think about the implementation that much, just to get some good start-off ideas.

It would take some of the edge of the possibility for criticism afterwards, since everybody have had a chance to comment upon it.

It would be like a extremely light weight, comment only, JCP.

I think it would be a step in the same (good) direction that Sun have been moving the last couple of months, and it would rise the bar for ideas. IMO.

Mikael Grev