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Ability to submit patches to Sun

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Joined: 2003-08-24

There are a lot of open bugs against core classes that we'd like to help fix!

Sun should make it as easy as possible (as soon as possible) for people to submit patches against specific bug reports. Sun engineers should then review the fix and merge it into Mustang.

Help us help you!


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Joined: 2003-06-12


Any update on the process ?

I've implemented 2 protocols that fixes several improvement request on the bugparade:

- first is the rfc2397 "data" ( protocol that is required for embeding files in other files ).
- second a protocol that enable people to load resources from jar as if they were on a website, this is quite usefull when using HTML page within an application if you need to use images for instance.

I would be glad to contribute this under JRL ...


Joined: 2003-06-10

We have the prototype page set up internally. More review (legal, etc...) is needed but we are making progress.

Joined: 2003-06-12

Thanks for the answer.

IMHO, the review process should be something like the mozilla one, but adapted to the Java specificities.

For instance, somebody publish with :
- the code
- bug references or feature improvement references
- standard reference (if any RFC, JSR ...)
- platform targeted

Some experts will then review it and rate it toward :
- Quality of code
- Optimisation of code
- Benefit for J2SE
- Risks for the J2SE platform
- Impact on WORA
- Impact on the TCK

Using the votes of the bugparade, and the expert review Sun might decide or not to integrate that in the next J2SE.

Anyway, hope that we will get those screens soon ;-)

Best Regards,

Joined: 2004-10-27

That's the basic idea. You left out
- Discussing the bug and the best way to fix it, on, of course. (Still waiting for that page ....)
- Unit tests. Every bug fix has to have unit tests, or a good reason why not.
- Checks for any platform-specific dependencies. No fair writing code that only runs on your favorite operating system.
- Checks for internationalization issues.
... and probably several others that I've forgotten.

Also, be prepared for the bar to get higher as the release goes on. Or just work until you are ready, and then get your changes into whichever release (Mustang, Dolphin, etc.) we happen to be working on at the time. It depends on how you feel about deadlines.

Joined: 2003-08-12


Scratch one from the list of things to nag about!

Btw, did you guys actually go over to the bug parade team and give the wedgies until they promised to fix 'the parade'? So I've heard anyway... :)

Keep up the good work!

Mikael Grev

Joined: 2004-10-07

i agree with you, i have submitted an RFE
to adding a new method (entryList()) to
LinkedHashMap, i have written the patch...

but there is no simple way to submit it

Rémi Forax

Joined: 2003-06-10


We are working on the fix submittal process and the associated web pages. We should have something to roll out soon.

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Rémi Forax