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Mustang roadmap

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I guess that Mustang team has some kind of short and mid-term project plans for the new JDK. It would be nice to have it posted so that we can schedule our own plans around them.

I mean, if I know that some part (like JMX 2.0) is scheduled to be written in March, there's no need for me to hurry right now to implement my own front-end.

Of course, there's no need to be on time (that you have to do for you management :) ), but it can give us a more clear view of what and when is supposed to happen


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Joined: 2003-08-24

I'll take a step further and say: Sun might want to consider publicizing its own "wish list" of things it would like the community to step in and develop -- as opposed to things the community would like Sun to step in and develop.

We should draw a clear line between things only Sun can develop (core Java stuff, legal issues, etc) and stuff that the open-source community can develop. The wish-list should consist of "things that are vital to the future of Java" and then we'd prioritize the issues and categorize them as "Sun will handle this" or "The community will handle this". There are some things that are vital to the future of Java that are best developed by the community.

Let the collaboration begin.


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Just because we are on build 13 doesn't mean we have all our ducks lined up yet! But we will. Real soon now. There's a funny distinction between code -- which we do release -- and plans for code -- which we are reluctant to discuss. I'll see if I can pry loose some rough schedule so you can plan your own work.

You might even find some holes in what we've planned, and step in to fill the gaps.