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ClearType, Swing, Avalon/Longhorn etc.

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I'm writing to ask about the status of ClearType support in Swing.

Is the Swing team also aware of, and paying close attention to, the development of the new graphics model in Avalon/Longhorn? Given Sun's plans on major releases of Java, it seems like Mustang will roughly coincide with the release of Longhorn. If so, then if we compare the current state of Swing and Java2D rendering capabilities with what is presented at WinHEC 2004, specifically:

1. Avalon Text
2. Avalon Graphics - 2D, 3D, Imaging and Composition
3. Avalon Graphics Stack Overview

(All these are PowerPoint presentations that reveal quite a bit of information. You can download them from Microsoft at:

we will realise Swing/Java2D are very far behind. One of the key point is that the entire Avalon framework will be accelerated by Direct3D in the background. I'm aware of the Swing+Java2D team and JOGL team working to unify OpenGL acceleration, which I applaud and feel is paramount to the user experience of client-side J2SE.


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Hi rex,

I've written a front page post about this on Javalobby as well, hope it will make some good answers, maybe even from Sun.

I got inspired by your post and thought it needed some more "air time".

Mikael Grev