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a question about compiling j2me (sorry I don't know the best forum for this

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Sorry that I don't know which forum is suitable for this type of question: does anyone know how to compile j2me correctly?

javac -bootclasspath C:\Java\sun_wtk2.1\lib\cldcapi11.jar;C:\Java\sun_wtk2.1\lib\midpapi20.jar

It is not always generating correct class file to run. On my old computer with 1.4 version, It works; After moving to a new computer, it does not work!

The error message says:
MIDlet initialization failed: java.lang.Error: inconsistent or missing stackmap at target

I compared two class files. The one that works contains a little more bytes. (The class file compiled on old machine can still run on the emulator on the new machine.) Does anyone know the possibly reason?

Thanks a lot for help,

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