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No broken windows

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Joined: 2003-06-19

I don't want to be too hard on the JRE code, but there are too many broken windows. Yeah, I know the story: lots of bug fixes that must not be undone and unexpected things happen when changes are made. However, as a platform it's not as well made as I would like.

o Make compile clean. Using minimal amount of @SuppressWarnings.
o Clean JavaDocs.
o Remove dead code/variables.
o Remove unnecessary use of reflection and inappropriate dependencies.
o Remove REMINDs (together with reasons why they are there).
o Remove kludges.
o Remove bugs relating to creation of Swing objects outside of the EDT.
o Use FindBugs and/or equivalents to remove inappropriately synchronised code and other common errors.
o Tidy up the demos.
o Remove BCEL.
o There are plenty of small easily fixed bugs. Indeed the Bug Parade could do with some enhancements, including stats. What is the oldest open bug, btw?