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javac target warning

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Javac should have an option to check the API when using the -target switch. For instance, if I'm compiling for target 1.4, I'd like to see if I'm using any 1.5 API's in my code (right now target just checks language features).

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Here are some of the options in javac

Override location of bootstrap class files
-extdirs Override location of installed extensions
-endorseddirs Override location of endorsed standards path

yes, javac will use the current versions libraries but [b] only if you don't over-ride them[/b]

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Have you tried using -bootclasspath and pointing it to a 1.4 installation while using -target 1.5? Does code that uses the new language features continue to compile correctly? Most of them depend heavily on the new additions to the runtime.

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-Toby Reyelts

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that was not the question.
The OP wanted the compiler to notify him when using 1.5-only features when supplying a target classfile format of 1.4.

That's already the case as the compile will simply fail.

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> that was not the question.

I understand that. I am indeed asking a different question.

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-Toby Reyelts