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Move the RFE and Bug database into this century.

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Joined: 2003-08-12

This Mustang thread is a great start but it will be exponentially hard to manage it if the post count, as it should, get very large. A lot of manual work (we don't want THAT!) has to be made to make som useful statistics out of this. I actually think there will be no public statistics out of this...

My suggestion:

The RFE and BUG database should be accessible with an application startable with JWS. It should at the very least have the following functions:

*) Have a better voting system where you rather grade a bug/rfe that vote for it. That way there would be no more stupid 'three votes limit'. ;) There could even me more that one grading scale, for instance 'How important is this' and 'How much do you agree with this BUG/RFE'

*) Have some statistical analysis so that the relative importance of voters decline if they only use -5 or +5 (max/min to make them more 'influencial')

*) Easy accessible links (watches) to an arbitrary number of bugs/rfes so one can follow the progress of them.

*) Finer grained status system. E.g. 'new post', 'initial investigation', 'waiting for more info', 'will not be added', 'put on hold to: xxx', 'will be reevaluated on: xxx', 'beeing added to version: xxx', etc. etc.

*) Threaded comments for BOTH Sun and others. Today it is very hard to talk back to a comment a "bit up" in the RFE-comments.

*) Different user levels. E.g. 'Sun Developer', 'Sun Manager', 'Sun Politician ;)', 'Contractor', 'Senior Poster', 'Poster', 'Newbee' etc. These should be easily recognizable. (Today it is very hard to tell if a poster is working at Sun or not).

*) Custom polls within a RFE/BUG, so that it can have a more dynamic flow. Like a mini JSR where voting can be set to include any or all of the user levels.

*) Protection. All should be able to see everything but some bugs/rfes can be locked so onlyh certain user levels can change/post/vote for it.

*) Startable via JWS

*) Startable via JWS

I reckon it would take about 200 hours to make a working application, maybe more if there is more demands on the actual data. That's not too much is it? You (Sun) could gain a lot if developer community respect and confidence with this.


Mikael Grev

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Joined: 2003-06-10

> *) Easy accessible links (watches) to an arbitrary
> number of bugs/rfes so one can follow the progress of
> them.

For what reason? The most important issues simply have no progress.


Joined: 2004-03-04

I agree with this... but first of all the top 25 bugs / rfes should be fixed/integrated.

a good bad example is this rfe which is shifted for 7,5 (in words: seven point five) years now:

Joined: 2003-06-28

I definitely agree that Bug database comments should be replaced with normal forum-like system, allowing Sun to respond to user's comments. I'll forward this idea to the appropriate people, we'll see.

Joined: 2003-06-20

Thanks for this response.

With all the talk of open sourcing Java, what I believe many (if not most) would be happy with was a sense that the process of adding to and fixing Java was truly two way. What I mean is that the Java itself doesn't need to be open source, just the process of interacting with Sun.