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Joined: 2004-10-08

Greetings Everyone i was wondering around google looking for help in java and i stumbled upon this site ;p
i dont know if im supposed to post here but i dont really care ;p
My name is Shane Day and im 15 trying to learn java and i was wondering if there was any good sites for lotz of info on java. im currently using jcreator at home and at my computer science class in high school ;p i probally wont post much here cuz ive looked at some of these topics and i have no idea what ur talkin about lol.
so if anyone could point me in a direction that will help me it will be most apreciated .
-Shane Day

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Joined: 2003-08-12

Yep, you're int the wrong place alright. :)


That should be about all you need.