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app domains

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One of the few concrete things which .Net has which Java does not is the concept and implementation of AppDomains where multiple applications can run in separate compartments inside a single VM process. I think this would go a long way to address problems of VM startup time and memory footprint. I have no idea how robust the .Net implementation is in the face of application failures but I sure like the idea in theory.

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Joined: 2003-06-13

How is this different from classloader-separation and AppContext (in case of Swing) separation?

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There a few awkward cases which can't be handled properly with class loaders. Notably some global state (e.g. System.out, the security manager, URL stream handler factories, etc) can't easily be separated to give each application its own copy within a single JVM. Anything which uses JNI adds another can of worms in this context.

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This is closer to what I wanted from Isolates & re-engineering of the class loaders to provide true domains.

- Richard

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I'll go with this. I think it's along a simialr line to the Isolates API.

The ability to stop and start individual domains is a good thing, and should be in Mustang