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JWS SocketService RFE 4876235

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At the moment Java Web Start is like a shiny new car without the keys. It's like having access to Google, but you can't click on any of the links; the information is there but you can't access it.

If you can't make a socket connection from within a secure (unsigned) JWS application you are forcing the majority of applications to require enough permissions to be able to install spyware and viruses.

You can work towards having a world free of spyware and viruses, or you can do nothing. You can provide a vastly superior secure environment that Java applications can take advantage of and differentiate themselves against competing applications written in any other language, or you can do nothing.

Do the right thing. Do it to make Java better. Do it so Grandma won't have to worry. Do it to help Java developers who are clawing with their fingernails to make a living with Java software.

Just do it.