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Open-source at least non-core technologies like JMF

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The "compatibility" issue really only applies to things that are distributed with J2SE, J2ME, or J2EE. If it is a separate download, a separate install, then in general, it is going to be the developer who has to get their users to install it; the user won't already have it.

Take JMF (Java Media Framework) for example: what user would already have this installed? None, unless you have Java Desktop.

JMF is also among a number of technologies that are being arguably neglected by Sun. Great ideas, incomplete implementation. A number of important protocols missing (MPEG4), weak support for some platforms. If Sun is going to focus its priorities elsewhere, how about open-sourcing things like JMF, and let others who need it turn it into what it should be.

I'd like to see a review of all the non-core technologies that are not a "compatibility" issue, and open-source (as in LGPL) those that are appropriate.

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Joined: 2003-06-11

I do not mean to be mean but as far as compatibility SUn has only succeded 100% in the j2se edition..

while J2EE compatibility is improving..compatibility even reaching 40% in the J2me platform is no where to be found..

Sun's implication that only Sun can guarantee compatibility only holds true for the J2SE edition..

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I concur, open-sourcing non-core technologies allows Sun to remain in control of the compatibility of Java releases and also allows Java to expand its set of libraries and allow Java to become an overall more mature product in areas that Sun cannot spare its resources for.

.Net is advancing rapidly, and clearly, Sun does not have the amount of resources that Microsoft has. Open-sourcing various technologies of Java will allow Sun to tap into the vast resources of the open source community, and will be able to obtain a closer relationship with Java developers. As long as it's within acceptable parameters, I urge Sun to open source the many parts of Java that has so much potential to become cutting edge, but just didn't have enough resources to be developed at a competitive pace.

Joined: 2003-06-30

Also If they can add Java Communications API implementation to the list of components that are open sourced.