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a change in license

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Joined: 2003-06-11

what I want to see as a devloper:

* change the scsl license to something more developer friendly
* allow people who have done research downloads (jrl or scsl) to actively participate in open source vm projects

* work *with* people from open source vm projects
* see them as partners and supporters of java
* realize the mono threat on linux/bsd platforms

for instance, take the apple license. apsl 2.0 is now free software compatible. they had a stupid license (like the scsl) at first and now changed it to a less stupid version which works for both parties.

this would be a step in the right direction and would as surely ease the tensions between the open source community and sun.

-- Jakob

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Joined: 2004-07-13

i'm new can u shw me the way which explain the scsl license? thanks alot...