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JavaOne, Day two: Mobility and more !

Is it hump day already ? Day two: all about smaller devices !

App Stores

The day started out with a keynote by Sony-Ericsson, who, guess what, are
opening an app store for Java ME apps ! Together with the previous
day's announcement from Verizon opening up their application developer
model to Java ME, and of course Sun's new Java Store,
the Planetarium's
prediction that this is the year
of the app store, really is coming true !

JavaFX Mobile 1.2

JavaFX Mobile developers are getting that performance boost as part of the JavaFX 1.2
release (20% in runtime perf, about 1/3 reduction in compiler
output). And of course all the other goodies like the cross device UI

showed great new JavaFX apps at
the Sun Mobility keynote: ReallyMe for social proximity, and PayPal (pictured) for mobile

JavaFX Mobile Phones

Sony-Ericsson wrote a Twitter
client (perhaps not as good as
this one) live in their keynote and deployed it to three of their
JavaFX phones, including those running WindowsMobile and SymbianOS).
Best of all, JavaFX Mobile 1.2 phones are on sale at JavaOne, some even
got hurled at the Mobility Keynote.

Java ME

The testing framework Java Verified
goes into open
source, and plays a central role in the new anti-fragmentation
initiative JATAF
(behind which Orange
and Vodafone threw their support today), Java ME 3.0 SDK
running on a MAC is on show at
Java Utopia, and the recent PhoneMe
milestone 4 release.

And in preview for the end of the

JavaFX (running on embedded Java SE on Linux)
seen running on a new Qualcomm
smartbook, the JavaFX TV platform
running on the LG TV.