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Ame Mail Checker

Posted by kowareta_ame on August 14, 2010 at 7:11 AM PDT
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Helper application for remote post services
PublishedAme Mail Checker is a mail docklet to track unread letters from remote, especially WEB-based, post services, with extended functionality to manipulate them, several types of notifications, possibility to track many accounts at once and more. The main goal is to provide a comfortable way to track unread letters from multiple e-mail accounts in scope of one tiny application.

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Major Features
  • One point for all mail accounts
  • Convenient accounts organizer
  • Ability to manipulate letters as in usual mail clients (Experimental)
  • Solid configuration possibilities to switch tracking parameters on the fly
  • Several representation modes for better user experience
  • Address Book functionality that can be used in independent manner


GNU General Public License (GPL v. 3.0)