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What does the average non-programmer think about Open Source Software?

They've never heard of it
19% (53 votes)
They've heard the term, but have only a vague sense of what it is
27% (75 votes)
They think it's some weird hobby geeks like
12% (34 votes)
They think the software can't possibly be of high quality
15% (42 votes)
They think it's cool
12% (34 votes)
I don't know
11% (30 votes)
4% (11 votes)
Total votes: 279


Seeing the semi-results, I

Seeing the semi-results, I just want to say that there's lot of people using Linux who are not programmers, but administrators. Hope it helps you to make a better choice.

I agree with you, many system

I agree with you, many system administrators and webmasters as well as a few of the small companies now using Linux