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JavaFX: gr8 2 c on fonz

What with the release of JavaFX 1.2
and JavaFX phones
on sale to developers, and on view, for example here
and here,
the fact that the JavaFX
language and common
APIs are the same whether you are on the desktop or on a mobile
device (or a TV
set top box) is worth chatting

Of course, there are design considerations when creating applications
for the smaller screen. And you need to take some care over input
methods (keys, mouse, touchscreen). And of course there are times when
you want to write an application that uses a feature that is totally
specific to the underlying client device.

Like SMS on a mobile phone. So reading this article should give you a
really clear picture of how to take advantage of the underlying messaging
capabilities on a Java ME phone, and combine it with the fit and
finish of a JavaFX
UI layer to make a professional SMS client, with all the visual
cues and polish that are both desirable and required now in a phone
application. And along the way, put together an on screen keyboard with
the minimum of fuss.