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Project Approval Requirements

You can increase your project's success and community participation by providing the following information on your project home page:

1. Detailed description of your project

Your project home page should include a detailed explanation of your project, including:

  • The project's mission and goals.
  • How to contact you.
  • How to participate - Are you accepting roles and which ones?
  • Skills required to work on your project.
2. Source Code

Projects without source code that meet the above requirements can be approved. They will be put in an incubator until source code is loaded. Requests with source code will get a higher priority.

3. License

All projects on must have a license associated with them that describes the terms of use. It is recommended to use an existing open source license, but if you chose to create your own you must make it clearly visible on your project homepage.

Not providing the above information could delay the project approval process or cause your request to be disapproved.

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