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What's your reaction to the new cross-platform compiler restrictions in the iPhone Developer Agreement?

It's a good strategic move for Apple
10% (28 votes)
I used to like Apple; now I'm reconsidering
13% (35 votes)
This limits developers, and will ultimately damage Apple itself
46% (127 votes)
Who cares?
20% (56 votes)
I don't know
7% (19 votes)
4% (10 votes)
Total votes: 275


Remember -- Power to the people?

Guess I'm getting older, but I remember my Apple ][ came with full schematics, BIOS listings, everything needed to experiment with, and extend the platform. It really got me started in Computer Science and Engineering.

I also remember well the Apple 1984 commercial, railing against the "controlled" IBM platform...

What happened Steve?

If you ban one, ban them all

If Java is not allowed to run on iPhone, then I expect Flash and .NET to be banned too. Allowing flash but not Java would be very infuriating

It's about more than Flash

@Petihug - 3.3.1 is more than about Flash (or Applets, or Silverlight, or ...).  IANAL, but it seems to me 3.3.1 precludes using frameworks/tools like Titanium and probably even many games as most gaming platforms are organized as a scripting layer on top of a game engine.

I don't know if anti-trust laws apply here: although the iPhone/iPad is not a monopoly of the mobile market in number of units, they have a large portion of the $$ of the Apps market.  But even ignoring that, I don't see how this clause can stay as-is.  If Apple enforces it for Adobe but not for others, there will be a lawsuit.  If they enforce it everywhere, there will be a big backlash.  In any case, it will be very interesting to see how the discussion evolves.

Way to go, Steve!

I generally dislike Apple's products (and don't get me started on Microsoft's), something about the greatest enemy of freedom been a happy slave. But I must say that I support Steve Jobs 100% on this one. Flash, Silverlight and Java applets are the cancer of the World Wild Web. Jobs is probably not doing this for the sake of the Internet but if this could help getting rid of this diseases, then I will see the iPad in a less malevolent eye.

Summary of Posts on this topic

 I wrote a note collecting and commenting on several of the most interesting pieces on this topic.  Check out 3.3.1 is more than just about Flash.

I'm curious how relevant this

I'm curious how relevant this question is on; it would be interesting to see the same poll ran on an Apple dev forum.