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In what ways do you participate in the community?

I contribute to projects/communities
7% (13 votes)
I post in the forums
8% (14 votes)
I blog and/or contribute articles
1% (2 votes)
Multiple of the above
6% (11 votes)
I read content
73% (128 votes)
4% (7 votes)
Total votes: 175


Dumb questions

These questions get really annoying every time I see them. This is such a selfish question "in what ways do you participate in the community?" who cares. I think the proper question would be "In what ways does the community contribute to me?" So far on this poll all I am able to say is that I read the content and not even all of it at best. In the past 6 months I didn't read anything worth my time. Before there were some good technical articles. I don't come here to see what I can contribute to, I come here to see what it CAN CONTRIBUTE TO ME. Maybe if the poll see what contributions are actually useful to their viewers maybe they will get more people coming here. Then again, a poll is a poll and it sits in the lower left side and who really cares.

This polling system

...continues to disappoint. It's too bad too, because this was probably my most used feature before you changed it and now, not only did my poll participation drop, but my overall visits have dropped as well. The site is dog slow most times to boot.