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An updated (gtk2.4+) JFileChooserUI for the Swing GTK Look and feel

Posted by ccerbo on November 18, 2009 at 8:29 AM PST
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This project aims to create in the GTK L&F a JFileChooser that looks consistent with the new file chooser offered in recent Gnome releases (i.e. 2.4+).
PublishedProject's goals and description
In the current JDK 6, the JFileChooser for the GTK Look and feel looks still like the old gnome GtkFileSelection. Starting with GTK+ 2.4, Gnome has a new GtkFileChooser, which is much better.

This project aims to close this gap and update the GTK LAF JFileChooser making its behaviour similar to the native GtkFileChooser. There is also the issue 5090726 in the Sun's bug database and the problem was already discussed in this old Sun's post (see the paragraph "Feature: Improve GTK Look and Feel") when the JDK 6 was released.

Actually the new File Chooser is tested on the following platforms: Fedora 11+, Ubuntu 9.04+ and OpenSUSE 11+

How to participate and contact me
Your help is welcome! You can simply reports bugs (go in the Issues section) or provide patches. If you want to collaborate actively, I can give you also commit permissions for the svn repository.
There are no particular skills required to work on this project, if you simply report bugs. Of course if you want to fix some bug you need to be fluent with Java and the Swing API.

Source Code and License
You can browse the source code on the web on this link or use this command to anonymously check out the latest project source code:
svn checkout gtkjfilechooser-read-only

The code is released according the GNU General Public License v2.


GNU General Public License (GPL v. 2.0)