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Do you belong to a Java User Group?

Yes, and I actively participate
22% (65 votes)
26% (76 votes)
No, but I sometimes attend JUG events
5% (15 votes)
No, but I follow JUG-related news
3% (10 votes)
No, there is no local JUG where I live
12% (35 votes)
31% (90 votes)
1% (3 votes)
Total votes: 294



I think my local JUG should be renamed to SUG (Spring Users Group) since we've recently had 3 presentations from SpringSource, and some of the other vendors that give us their sales pitch focus on Spring too like GigaSpaces. Why isn't Sun out here pitching GlassFish and Java EE 6? I guess it can be challenging for JUG leaders to find a constant stream of speakers, and companies like SpringSource are eager to take full advantage of the opportunity to give their sales pitches in every major city.

Very limited promotion of the local JUG

I'm vaguely aware that it exists, but there's very little promotion of it, and I had to do a Google Search to find the webpage. I don't think it was mentioned to me at all during my University studies (which mainly focused around Java). The country-wide discussion list seems to have ~120 members, which is pretty pitiful.

Pretty useless JUGs?

From what I've seen around here the JUG(s???) seem mostly to exist for the purpose of companies presenting whitepapers and giving commercial presentations of products. Not very useful at all.

Co-leading a JUG and

Co-leading a JUG and attending some meetings from others, I can say I've never seen any whitepaper, any commercial presentation or any speech by a big company representative - with the exception of some specific events (e.g. the IDE shootout or the Application Server shootout) where representative from the various producers were invited - in any case, the talks were exclusively technical. JUG Roma is the one capable in Italy to organize the largest single-day gatherings (1200+ attendants) and, again, no white papers or commercial stuff at all.

In normal cases, speeches are mostly held by JUG member themselves and arguments decided by means of the mailing list - usually they are the guy's direct experience with a technology, which also gives good hints for a discussion. I wonder whether there are big differences in how JUGs are managed in various parts of the world.