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JDK watch: Looking good for M3 and JavaOne

You'll see in the latest JDK 7 build that the new
G1 collector is getting a good bashing, with a number of important
bugs fixed.

The preview implementation of JSR 292 is in, and the rumors that
reached the all hearing Planetarium ears turned out to be true:
Charlie's trying
it out in JRuby, and so's Frank
with Jython.

So together with compressed
object pointers, NIO
2 (which Alan has been blogging about at length - from the new filesystem API,
to monitoring
direct buffers), an important
tweak to the classloader, SDP API
and Solaris implementation, and SCTP
support, which Chris blogs
about today at length, things are in great shape for Milestone 3,
which will be released at JavaOne.