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Do you plan to use the new Intellij IDEA Community Edition?

I use IntelliJ IDEA, but now I'll switch to the Community Edition
5% (16 votes)
I'll switch to Intellij IDEA, now that it's free and open source
6% (20 votes)
I'll probably try it out
34% (112 votes)
No, I prefer another IDE
40% (134 votes)
No, I'll stick with the fully supported Intellij IDEA
11% (35 votes)
I don't know; other
5% (15 votes)
Total votes: 332


Stick with what you know and avoid the community edition for web

The Community Edition looks very familiar for those using the Commercial edition, with a few graphical color changes and some features removed. Most of the removed commercial features are for hardcore refactoring, testing, and developing with integrated web servers. The most frustrating removed feature however, is that the "Most Intelligent Java IDE" doesn't know what a Java Server Pages (.jsp) file is. That's right, try to open a .jsp and the editor asks the user what to do with it. Is it a text file? an html file? well, no it's a .jsp! At a time when Eclipse, NetBeans, and even simple (but powerful) editors like JEdit have no problems identifying .jsp files, why would that feature be removed? I hope this feature gets added before the final Community Edition release. For a java web developer, or even to augment a primary IDE, the Community Edition just doesn't cut it.