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For the purposes of this document and to provide greater clarity, the following terms will be defined as follows:

  • " Community" will refer to the greater wide community.
  • "community", as well as it's plural form will refer to the communities that make up (i.e. Java Desktop, Java Games, NetBeans, etc).
  • "Community Manager" refers to the person responsible for managing
  • "Community Leader(s)" refers to the person or people responsible for running specific communities.

The goal of the governance document is to describe how the Community evolves, runs, and makes decisions. We are attempting to make the governance procedures as lightweight as possible while providing maximum opportunity for individual involvement. We seek above all to invite all interested developers to take part in the enhancement of the projects hosted here and seek input from all. We are attempting to make sure the governance procedures will not hinder the momentum of any group or individual who seeks to use technologies. governance consists of three major components:

Guiding Principles

The community lives by a set of organizational and behavioral guidelines known as the Guiding Principles. Every participant is asked to abide by the Guiding Principles. Community Manager

The Community Manager

is appointed by Oracle and is responsible for executing the will of the Community. To maintain impartiality, the Community Manager does not vote. Additionally, the Community Manager is a member of the Executive Board. All policies and changes to Governance are administered by the Community Manager.

The Community Manager's responsibility and authority includes:

  • Whether and how to allocate resources, including the creation of communities and projects.
  • Settling disputes
  • Overseeing governance and policies.

Communities and Community Leaders

Every community has one or more Community Leaders. Their role is to manage their respective communities and represent their members. They play an important part in the project approval process for projects in their community. They maintain their community's resources such as their Community page, forums, mail lists, and membership.

Project Owners

Project owners control the membership and resources of their projects. These resources include project home page, project forums, and project mail lists. They control membership by assigning roles and permissions to other members.

Community Specific Governance

All members, projects, and communities on are subject to the vision and guiding principles and governance of our Aside from that, communities on are expected to govern themselves as they see fit as long as it does not conflict with policies, principles, or governance.

All community leaders are allowed to establish supplemental community specific governance for their communities. does not place restrictions on supplemental governance except that it cannot conflict with the guiding principals and policies. Community leaders are encouraged to do the following:

  • Publish the following on the community's homepage:

    Mission Statement
    Success factors
    Project approval process and requirements

  • Allow for the community to affect the governance of the community (Elected positions or voting)

Appeals Process Governance is designed to allow for as much autonomy as possible and accomplishes this by allowing decisions to be made at various levels. To maintain fairness, as well as, checks and balances, has a appeals process that follows a hierarchal escalation starting at the appropriate level:

  • Project Owner - Appeals regarding a decision or action that happens within a project should start with a written appeal to the Project Owner.

  • Community Leader - Appeals regarding a decision, action, or ruling of a project owner should be submitted in writing to the applicable Community Leader.

  • Community Manager - Appeals regarding a decision, action, or ruling of a Community Leader should be submitted in writing to the Community Manager.

The purpose of this escalation process is to attempt to settle disputes at the appropriate level while respecting the authority of the communities leadership.